Geberit drainage solutions

Nobody knows more about safely transporting water than Geberit. From connection to the water supply and building-wide distribution, to drainage from rooftops and high-rise buildings, Geberit’s joined-up thinking creates all round pipework connectivity. 

It’s an approach which makes Geberit’s solutions a popular choice for hydraulics, fire protection, sound insulation, low maintenance, blockage prevention and environmental compliance.

Geberit Silent-PP

Reliably robust and safe even at low temperatures, Geberit Silent-PP has the strength to significantly reduce the risk of damage and breakage. The push fit design enhancements make insertion, alignments and fitting quick and easy.

Geberit HDPE

Geberit HDPE brings proven capability to waste disposal wherever system security is required. From extreme temperature changes and pressure shifts to aggressive media, Geberit HDPE offers the ultimate professional solution for long term peace of mind. 

Geberit Silent-db20 

Combining effective sound insulation with a high discharge capacity and a leak-proof welded system, Silent-db20 is the versatile waste and drainage systems that quietly gets on with the job.

Geberit Pluvia

Geberit Pluvia has revolutionised drainage for large roof areas. Come rain, shower or downpour, the siphonic roof drainage system uses negative pressure technology to deliver a discharge rate twice that of conventional systems. 

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