Save Your Legs!

If your school table tops are looking worse for wear but your table legs are still in great shape, just replace the top!

Table tops can harbour germs and bacteria, especially if they have chips and cuts or are infested with pre-chewed gum. Keep pupils safe and your classrooms easy to clean by refurbishing your tables with new table tops.

This way, you can save your legs and save money.


You can choose from Granite, Beech, Grey or Blue. You can also choose your edge colour. The following sizes are available:

  • 600x600
  • 550x550
  • 1200x600
  • 1100x550

Our smooth table tops can be fitted straight onto your existing legs for less than half the cost of replacing the whole table.  

Our table tops feature a moulded polyurethane edge, that permeates into the timber, creating a strong, long-lasting bond.

If you need to keep pupils socially distanced, choose a combination of colours as an easy way to plan out classrooms, and make the learning environment safer.

Fuzzy Brands also offer fully assembled brand new tables, perfect for schools looking to refurbish before term resumes in September.

Get your orders in now by calling 01332 419 667 or emailing

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